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“Coming events cast their shadows before”. This saying perfectly fit PM Modi’s life.

A peek back into Narendra Modi’s childhood clearly shows that he had leadership skills and a very sharp mind from the very start, he was a disciplined and dedicated child who feared nothing and was always ready with solution for any problem he was given. He was born in a poor family, but that never stopped him form achieving great things in life.

Here are some of the events from Narendra Modi’s childhood that shows he was born to be a leader.

Strategy maker

At B N High School in Vadnagar, an intra – school kabaddi competition was organised. One of the teams had students from junior class and the other team included students from higher class. Well ofcourse the team with younger players lost everytime, untill the day they approached Modi and asked for his help. Modi studied the winning team game plan and prepared a game plan for his team, which included all the tricks that were needed to win points, his team won the match.

Narendra Modi very well knows how to turn tables, he is known for studying his opponent and making strategies.


Modi fears no one, not even crocodiles. Yes, you read it right. Sharmishtha lake in Vadnagar, was Modi’s favorite place to hang out with his friends. The lake was no ordinary lake and had over 40 crocodiles in it, but that couldn’t keep young Modi or his gang away from their hang out place. Modi with his friends used to go swimming in that lake almost every other day. One day Modi caught a baby crocodile and brought him home, he wanted to keep the little crocodile but after his mother objected he was left with no other choice and had to release the crocodile in the lake. He also swam through the deadly lake to hoist a flag on top of a temple. Once Modi even got seriously injured by a crocodile’s tail, but that also didn’t stopped him.

Being fearless has not only helped him in life but has also made him a great leader, Modi is a fearless leader who is not afraid of taking risks to achieve his goals.

To The rescue

Narendra Modi is not only fearless but is kind and responsible too. ‘Childhood Stories – Bal Narendra’ A comic book dedicated to Modi’s life, tells us a stroy about how Modi once rescued a little bird. When young Modi saw a bird entangled in kite strings on a tree. He immediately climbed up the tree with a razor in between his teeth to rescue the bird.

Narendra Modi is always there for the rescue of the one’s in need, a great example of this was seen when Indian students were brought back from China amid corona virus outbreak

Love for reading and writing

Narendra Modi, one of the best orator had always a thing for reading, writing and debating. Modi used to spend hours in his school library. Not only reading but he was into writing too. Modi once wrote a play for his school, the play was named ‘Peelu Phool’ Modi got inspired to write this play when he saw a untouchable woman getting yelled on by a priest. The play showed how a woman was not allowed to enter the temple just because she was an untouchable.

Well Dressed

Narendra Modi was always a well groomed child, even though he belonged to a poor family he was very particular about his dress. Before going to school every night Modi used to fold his uniform and keep it under his pillow and iron it the next morning, he also owned a pair of canvas shoes which he whitened with discarded piece of chalk to always keep them presentable.

Narendra Modi’s fashion sense is much – talked about. He is always well dressed and his clothes never have any crease.

Health conscious

From a young age only Narendra Modi was well aware about what is good for him, he gave up consuming oil, salt and chillies in order to keep his metabolism and health in a good shape.

Always promoted education

Modi got married at a very young age, he was married to a 16yr old girl named Jashoda Ben. Jashoda Ben had to leave her studies after she got married, in an interview she revealed that Narendra always told her to continue her studies and mostly they talked on this topic only.

Not only in his family but PM Narendra Modi always promotes education, recently the Modi government announced the new education policy 2020, it is believed that this reform will change lives of millions of Indians.

Who knew Narendra Modi will make a great leader, Maybe an astrologer….

When Narendra was still young, his mother showed his horoscope to an astrologer, who then told her that either he will become a king or a great saint. Life of saints and monks always attracted modi, so one day he decided to leave his home for Himalayas. Narendra Modi wandered in the Himalayas for 2 years with Sadhus, but then after his encounter with a monk he decided to come back. Narendra Modi always mentioned that he got his guiding force after this phase of his life.

We know Narendra Modi as a true leader and powerful orator, but there is alot more to him than we know. He is also a talented writer, poet and photographer.

Narendra Modi has written a book in Gujarati, Sangharsh Ma Gujarat, telling about the events during 1975 Emergency. Modi also have interest in writing poetries, poteries written by him are in Gujarati language. Not only a great poet and leader he is also a great photographer, some of his work was showcased in an exhibition held by him.

This might come as a shock but our multi tasking PM has acting skills too, in his school days Narendra used to participate in plays and dramas. As a teenager he performed in a fundraising Drama. He also played a role in ‘peelu phool’ which he wrote himself.

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  • Kirti, September 17, 2020 @ 12:39 pm Reply

    India is lucky to have him as its leader when the whole world including India is going through pandemic. He is excellent administrator . He is honest to the core & his duty bound attribute shows his honesty . He sails through the leaders world over as he has intuitive understanding . He is a disciplined worker & leader . He has compassion, competence & concern for all irrespective their stature. His humble family background & mother have made him what he is ! Amazing personality . Having him chosen as a leader any sensible Indian can rest in any kind of eventuality.

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